Data is everywhere but CRE. Why?

How many hours has it been since you heard the phrase “Big Data?”  Albeit, other technologies capture the public consciousness (Blockchain in 2017) but I find the silence deafening.  We all predicted Amazon would crush retail back in 1999 but this has only recently come to pass, as evidenced in Fig 1.   Reality takes longer (and a good bit of execution) to materialize.  As the hype wears off, the real fundamental change starts to happen.  It’s permeated most areas of the organization but two: HR and corporate real estate (CRE).  Why is there not more emphasis on quantitative measurement of a company’s human capital and how its CRE drives economic profit? For most firms, they are the 1st and 3rd largest cost categories respectively.

Fig 1:  Graphs of Tech (Amazon) vs Bricks and Mortar (Simon is the largest retail REIT) stock prices are always entertaining.

Tech vs Bricks & Mortar
Long after we started discussing the marginalization of physical retail, it has now taken hold.

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