Comeback kids

The greatest comeback by the greatest team in the NFL. Back from a 20 point deficit, 6 turnovers and three offensive points in the third quarter, their D and ST win it 24 to 23. I couldn’t figure out where the Bears special teams has been so quiet this yr. It’s fairly clear that with Grossman, they didn’t need to make noise. Coach Easch, (IWU) used to say there’s three facets to the game. The winning team dominates two. The Bears have lived the past ten yrs dominating on Defense and Special Teams. Good to see the franchise didn’t lose that talent. For those who don’t remember, Grossman threw 4 interceptions and fumbled twice. The offense put 3 points on the board.
Special mention of Leinart. He will be a force in the years to come. As well as Lou Pinella, who signed up for three yrs with the Cubs.

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